Are you a doctor or a clinic?

Is your website obsolete or you do not have it at all? Contact us! We specialize in web development and online marketing for medical for doctors and clinics. Get a website solution that is technologically advanced, perfectly suited for you and affordable.

Main features

Medical design

Modern, medical look respecting your brand

Variable and ready-made design

You can pick from a couple of design concepts right away - pick the one you like


Designed for your clients following the latest usability trends - attract clients via your website.


Responsive design for various devices (mobile, tablet, desktop)

Easy administration

Access via CMS that does not require advanced knowledge

Predefined structure

Ready for your content, no need to think too much about where everything would go

Social networks connection

Are you active on social networks? Your website will respect that and your presentation and reviews from Estheticon will be fully integrated

Web analytics and conversion tracking

Visitor and conversion tracking set-up included

Pick your theme

You can choose from the following templates - check out how your website would look right away.





990 - 1990 Euro

Website structure

Your website will have the following navigation structure (pages):

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Services
  • Doctors
  • Galleries
  • News
  • Contact

Would you like more? Contact us for a customized solution. See more.


Our solution is ready-made as much as possible. However, there are some items that need to be provided by the client. Without this, we are not able to launch your website:

Content for the pages
(recommended minimum size 1 page each):
  • About (about you or your clinic)
  • Doctor info (CVs)
  • Services (what you offer - treatments/procedures)
  • Main features (3 short claims)
  • Motto (for homepage)
  • Contact information
  • Galleries (optional - one or more sets of pictures)
  • News (optional - at least 2 news articles)
  • Social networks information (optional)
  • Your logo
  • Photo for homepage (1-3 images, big picture for your main visual, if not provided, might be taken from image databank)
  • Doctor pictures, clinic pictures, treatment pictures (optional)
Other information:
  • Domain and webhosting: if you have your own, we need access to it. Otherwise, we can arrange the domain or webshoting registration at a recommended local company. Registration will be on your company, not ours.
  • Google analytics: if you have your own account, provide us the access so we can set up the traffic monitoring
  • Doctor pictures, clinic pictures, treatment pictures (optional)

About Us

Estheticon is an online marketing agency established in 2004.

We run a plastic & cosmetic surgery portal Estheticon.com which (among other things) enables us to be fully in contact with the professional medical community.

Throughout the years of our existence, we have created a number of medical websites for our clients. We also specialize in various online marketing services for doctors and clinics

Looking for more?

Are you interested in more than effective, modern but simple medical website? We have a solution for bigger clients as well - modern, medical, responsive, user-friendly website with large content, treatment-oriented structure, with additional complex modules for doctor profiles, workplaces profiles, patient stories, media articles, before/after galleries, discussion forum and more. All possible in various language versions, with a user-friendly administration, database of patient requests, and more.

If interested, contact us, we will prepare an offer tailored just for you.

Contact Us

Do you have any idea in mind? Contact us, we will give you the answer you expect.


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